Time with The Crooked kind by Natalie Botha

Natalie got to speaking with THE CROOKED KIND coming up to the 10th anniversary of Smoking Dragon Festivals,
Excited for the build up and letting us know more about what it takes to preform live and love the music industry.

Here’s what they got to talking about:

1.       What drew you to the music industry?
   As colossal rock fans we had no choice but to make something of ourselves, beyond a shadow of doubt. As a diverse band we believed we could bring something fresh and totally different to the music scene in South Africa.
2.       How did you meet?
  2.            The Crooked Kind formely known as Stasis met as 4 High School students at St Benedicts College. Stasis then recruited a 5th member by 2017 at Pretoria University.
3.       What does your band name mean?
3.   The name is a play on society. Whether we like it or not we have all shown signs of crooked behaviour. You can interpret The Crooked Kind the way you like.
everything. Why settle for one when you can get twenty !!!
4.       Who are you inspired by, who are your biggest influences ?
                4.            What makes us special is that the band consists of 4 members who share a love for bands such as The Arctic Monkeys to the likes of Tool. These constrasting tastes in music have shaped The Crooked kind into a band that gives you a bit of
5.       Please explain your creative process ?
5.  We believe we possess a rather unorthodox approach in terms of writing music. We are more riff-to-chords-to-lyrics orientated. Alex would whip out a tasty bass riff or Geoff would noodle something on guitar and we would work from there. We believe the music is what captivates the attention of the listener first before the lyrical content is developed,
6.       What’s an average day like for your band ?
6. Half of us are finishing up our studies , the others work full time. We dedicate most of our free time to the band whenever we get the opportunity to rock out after a heavy days work !!
7.       Is there a hidden meaning in any of your music?
7. Our music is closely related to our day to day experiences as a band, analyzing our music might help the listener develop a broader spectrum of who we are as individuals and what we have gone through, even if you were referring to our track Adolescence 😉
8.       Do you collaborate with others? What is that process?
8. We are currently collaborating with Vincent from Sumo band and Vinn Rijn. Building relationships with other artists helps us build a greater connection with the music industry. We aim to be trusted musicians and we are enthusiastic about helping out any musos on the way.
9.       Please discuss how you interact with and respond to fans
9. Social media ! Social media ! Social media ! Instagram and Facebook play a critical role in our fan-to-band communication system. We are very responsive to direct messages and we advertise every gig and track release. 
10.    What is your favorite part about this line of work? Your least favorite? Why?
10. We could go on forever but there is nothing like being in a band. The ability to get on stage and exercise your passion is the greatest reward there is. We feel as if we are spoilt by our fans and support system and we have enjoyed every second of it; from recording our first EP to messing around with your best mates !! The positives definitely outweigh the negatives but sometimes we ask ourselves if music today is for the people. We live in a day and age with no music on MTV and no hard copy CDs left to purchase.
11.    Have you ever dealt with performance anxiety?
11. Debut performances for bandmates are always the trickiest . They are tasked with a  notion that they have to overly impress. Its safe to say that every band member in The Crooked Kind has experienced some form of performance anxiety but not to an extent where it affects our performances.
12.    Tell me about your favorite performance venues ?
12. Railways, JUKES, JARR bar, Rumours, Sundowners… the list goes on we love performing and we don’t mind where we do as long as we give the people what they want !!!
13.    What advice would you have for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps?
13. We would advice youngsters to maintain healthy relationships with other musicians. Its all about who you know in this line of work.  
Maintain a facebook and instagram page, update your social media platforms at least every second day in the evening and refrain from nonsense. Invest in quality equipment. Better equipment will serve as a valuable asset over time. Quality gear is a long term investment and will help an artist feel more confident on stage.
 Keep your music relevant. If you want your presence to be known open your eyes to music around you and you will be able to combine all the tricks of the trade.



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