Speaking with the Graffitiville Team by Joseph Dludla

Jozi-Deep got to speaking with the team from Graffitiville this week take a look at what Sharlene and Tanya had to say:

What was the inspiration behind Graffitiville? Graffitiville is the brainchild of two friends who love art, vibrant colours, creativity and a unique taste for individuality and style. We absolutely love the street art you see on walls in the city and decided to take this art “off the walls” and make it a part of people’s everyday lives. Instead of just admiring art on walls we want people to own this art in different forms and on various mediums. We want people to own a piece of art from their favourite graffiti artist, originally painted, 1 of 1 art pieces.

How do you see Graffitiville changing the way people see graffiti? We want to demystify this image of graffiti being vandalism, illegal and defacing the city streets. Behind those images painted on walls are incredibly talented artists who just want to show the world their amazing skill and what is in their heart and on their minds. And not all painting is illegal; nowadays you “buy” walls from the owners of the properties and come to an agreement to turn a plain wall into a remarkable piece of art for everyone to appreciate and admire.

What is the ultimate goal of Graffitiville as it grows into a bigger success? We want to create a platform for artists to showcase their art pieces. We understand not all artists have opportunities where they are exposed to the world where people can see their art and purchase it. We want to be this entity for the artists. By having their art pieces on our website, people can purchase art they would never have come across by just searching the “world wide web”.

Why use graffiti artists when there are painters? Graffiti artists bring real art to life by using different techniques, paints and mediums to the project.

How many artists are involved in the creative process? There are 3 “groups” of artists involved in creating a finished product. 1. The artist creating the canvas. 2. The owners of Graffitiville, Tanya and Sharlene choosing the colour schemes and materials for the final products to match the art supplied by the artist. 3. The manufacturers taking the art piece and relevant materials and manufacturing the final product which is then available for sale.

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