Speaking with The Least Important by Joseph Dludla

Who is Theleastimportant?

Theleastimportant is a character I created to help me be the darkest, creative lyricist I could. He’s a lost soul who was outcast by an unknown village. He represents the hurt emotional individuals who are shunned for seeing light in darkness. He’s an expiramental being as well though, basically a character I can put in any scenario without any limits in the imaginative rhelm. But Theleastimportant prides himself for being a cult leader of the disparaged youth and a Lord of the Dark Arts. He’s weird cause he’s got a Napoleon and a God complex, quite peculiar.

Where do you get your inspiration from for your outgoing fashion sense?

People around me and just the influence of military gear. I like things to hang off me and be more loose than usual and dark colours are cool as fuck too.

Who is Choji Akogawa? 

Choji Akogawa is an instrumentalists and producer. He’s random with his beat progression as well as the sounds he chooses to use. He’s an Asian character who makes beats for Theleastimportant, almost like a side kick of sorts but more ghoulish and unbothered. He’s influence mainly lies in electro, underground rap, jazz, downtempo, alternative rock and other funky elements. He loves the piano, I’m not sure if you noticed.

What is the meaning behind your song, I stabbed a bully?

It’s a scenario based on a metaphor. Maybe about the industry, maybe friends, maybe the world or my emotions haha it’s a bunch of things in one but ultimately I’m just saying that I’m killing my demons…

What would you describe your music as, to someone who has not heard your type of sound?

Uhmmm I don’t really know. I’d just tell them to give it a listen. I mean it’s basically storytelling rap with a lot of different genre elements.

Why the name theleastimportant?

Because it’s cool as hell when you say it. People who don’t know me hear some people say it and think their assholes but that’s my name lol. I represent the underdog, the one who wasn’t really given a break, the nerd, the loser, the kid with no ambition to go on and so on. But the crazy thing is it’s a paradox because I think I’m going to be very important some day.

Are you working on any new projects?

Yeah, many. I try to spend as much time making music as I can, even if it’s just a beat tape. But yeah there’s a lot more in the works. But for now Death of a Rapper is the most recent body of work I’ve been putting my time in.

Where do you see your music career in the next 2 years?

I don’t know but hopefully I’ll be happy with what I’m doing. I’m not waiting on something huge cause I’ve manifested my path and I’m happy growing and learning all the stuff I can while I’m still around.

When/why did you decide to start dropping more instrumentals and less rap?

It wasn’t a conscious decision. I just did it and I ran with it. Choji works overtime sometimes Theleastimportant wants to give him a chance to come up with the right remedy.

How has your childhood influenced the person that you have grown into?

Damn I really don’t know. I just know that I learn a lot by being immersed in the places I’m in as I grow older. Music influenced me from a young age and studying at made me understand art movements more. I fell in love with surrealism, avant-garde and the renaissance art movements. A part of me wanted to tell stories and write novels but I hated writing so I realised that I could combine my love for storytelling with my love for music. I starting using life experiences to come up with imaginative stories.

Do you have any plans to collaborate with more artists?

Yeah I do I’m actually making beats for some friends and you’ll hear a lot more features in 2020. I really like what the underground artists are doing, we’re unheard of yet but soon everything will come together and perhaps we could revive South African rap music and the overall artistry within that culture, not saying that there aren’t any pioneers holding it down but we need a chance that no one is giving us, a chance to introduce new themes and ideas.

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