Tagen Voges / Voges Film Interview by Ashley Jacobs

1. Tell us about yourself, who is Tagen Voges?

This 19/20 year old Alberton resident, seemly shy and observant, who has discovered a passion in the film making industry. Has set his focus on establishing himself as a writer and director in the local and international film industry, inspired by so much media influence. He gauges his writing flow and creativity by critical and forward thinking, by incorporating current life situations and struggles.

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1.a. What inspired you to(Why) study and become a film-maker?

In school, ‘I didn’t really have much direction on potential career options’, that in Grade 11 of Alberton High School (Only 3 years ago), found his purpose in his love for film & movies. After having the opportunity to talk with a (then current) 3rd year film student, allowed him to gain crucial insight into the journey ahead. The following weeks filled with curiosity, reading and researching everything that he could get his hands on, and what the South African film industry could offer this inspired youth. Then something happened, ‘My whole mind set & focus shifted’ “The penny dropped”, ‘that doesn’t happen to everyone’. Tagen Voges had found his purpose!

1.b. Who/ What is your inspiration (Local and/or international) in the film industry?

When it comes to the local film scene, few names come to mind, Author, Deon Meyer’s Trekkers, music videographer and producer, Kyle White. Writer and director, Oliver Hermanus.  

1.c. Your journey thus far? (Your story)

I applied to Varsity College, and from the very first week, it was everything he had hoped & wanted. Standing out among his (100 +) peers as one of the youngest students, (simply by knowing what he wanted to achieve with his life). ‘I believe that many students had the wrong motivation when entering film. If you are ready to put in the work, that’s fine’, but many chased this “Hollywood” lifestyle, the glitz & glam shown to us through media. Within the 1st year, many students had dropped out, and many more failed. ‘Yes, it’s not cut out for everyone, if they only took it more seriously!’

In his 1st year, tasked and completed two short films as group assignments. Having to pick up the slack of his group, found his passion for writing, producing, editing and directing. Wanting to have control over the vision and flow of the film process, ‘Many modern directors extend themselves beyond just directing the film, but to writing and acting (Starring in their own film).’ ‘I don’t see myself acting in any films. If it’s something I wrote, I would want to be as actively involved as possible.’

1.d. Who are you currently follow on social?

South African music video producer, Kyle White. ‘In 1st year we were tasked with contacting a local producer as a form of interview, and Kyle and I had such a good chat regarding the industry, giving me plenty of advice and direction’

South African Director & story teller, Oliver Hermanus.

1.f. Current reading/ watching list? Recommended?

‘Favourite Movie of 2019, hands down has to be the Joker, I can have hours of conversations about this film, its context, its acting etc, Simply loved it!’

2. Cross Film

Check out the passion in process – @cross.movie

2.a. Movie & Writing influence/ inspiration?

(V for vendetta, Red Dawn, 21 bridges, Joker, Brick Mansion)

– These references, mostly resembles a fight for truth and moral justice, a stand on faith, the willingness to make a difference, and a extensive ethical & psychological view point on social and mental health. – What are you taking out of these movies that led to the creation of Cross Film?

Joker – the use of the Joker’s final transformation through his experience of life’s hardship and madness,  by standing up in resilience, finds purpose and a following of change

V for vendetta- Government and political correction through a devastating plot and a unified idea. ‘I have taken this concept and applied it directly to the Cross script.’

21 Bridges – Through the discovery of a ugly truth, leads to critical thinking and decisions of what’s right and wrong. ‘There is a strong take of Police brutality in the script’, as its such a global controversial topic, portrayed and protested all over social media.

2.b. Theme

Noir film in a Dystopian city, filled with idealism and a sense of revolution. Crime/ Drama film.

– 18 Film, aimed to depict the cruelty of life and all its chaos.

– The Real Monster – “The City”

2.c. Character focus

Malcolm Cross (Movie title) – Given a title as Antagonist, a rebel with a cause. A revolutionist, the light in the dark, set to amend the overwhelming wrongs of everyday life.

Det Hugo Payne (Focus Character) – Given title as Protagonist, the story hero. A man that battles his own demons, while tasked to follow instruction that leads to being challenged by the truth of what’s around him.

3. Target Market (Ideal Viewers)

‘Naturally i would want as many people as possible to view and appreciate it, ideally i would want to leave the audience asking questions and having discussions long after the film is seen’

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  1. Tagen is a dedicated creative and his work is evidence of it. I just know he will achieve great things.

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