Speaking With Local Hero Sello Madisha from Primedia coming up to to the Thembisa Sports day by Liam Horn

We here at Jozi-Deep had the unique pleasure of speaking with Local hero Sello from Prime Media dedicated IT staff this week and here’s what he had to say regarding his up coming event in Thembisa hosting a Soccer and Netball Tournament for the local youth in the area, This project is very close to Sello’s heart and having hosted a hugely successful event last year we are looking to go above and beyond for this years event please get in contact should you interested in sponsoring or volunteering for the event, Here what we got to speaking about.

  1. Where did the idea for putting together an event like this with in the Thembisa community spark?

I’m a member of Majakathata Social Scheme this is one of our pillars which is community outreach. I started giving or assisting Thakgalo pictures attached I saw a child walking with a dead eye. Through Vision Mission I managed to get assistance so it be taken out and get replaced with an artificial. The rest was history.

  1. How do you feel personally connected to the community and what drives you to run these events?

I grew up in the location and I can speak Zulu, Xhosa, Tsonga, Sesotho, English can read Afrikaans and I’m Pedi that shows you how location based I am. It really makes me happy to see everyone happy around especially kids. Some of this kids they have never had a mcdonalds or a meal on that day for me to feed the for a day, to see them playing in those fields is more than a drive to me.

  1. Having hosted last years successful tournament, What were some of the highlights on the day?

      Last year we host the March event after that I got a call from the Principal telling me that their soccer team went to the semi finals of the Total African Cup of Nations. He also          

      Outlined the fact that all the kids are now motivated and they have started to see more turn up to train for soccer or netball because of our event that’s that was a fulfilling feeling.

  1. How would you say an event like this effects the community and the kids involved?

The Turn up on the day. If you watch some of the videos clips I’ve included you that will show you how well received is the event. To have the kids engaged always on this kind of events it saves them from the harms way of the streets.

  1. Sports as a whole is a great way for communities and kids to connect with one another on a positive social and competitive platform, Having played quite a bit of sport yourself how would you say the game impacted your career?

Focus and discipline these are just two points off a list of ways that it has impacted me. As you know you start working and eating everything that is not right for you and the body does what it wants to do and then end up gaining weight, feeling lazy and out of shape so Soccer for me is therapy and also a workout.  Rejuvenates the mind and the body to keep on top of everyday challenges.

Click on any of the above links to get in contact with Primedia if you feel like this initiative would be something you’d love to get involved with.

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