About Lesego Fashion Stylist discovered in Jozi by Joseph Dludla

My name is Lesego, I’m a fashion stylist from Roodepoort who deals with editorials and advertorials, and I’m a fashion editor for an upcoming cult called “Anarchy Hypnotism”, a journal which consists of content surrounding fashion, art, skating and music. it’s hard to explain as it’s influenced by different factors within style and costumes, but I’m predominantly inspired by subcultures, I always strive for individuality which is natural because of my mindset and styling techniques, I always analyze people’s outfits, from uniforms to casual outfits. But I personally prefer you describe my style as “Punk Is A Virtue” , this is my attitude and state of mind towards clothing, I destroy creations so I can recreate my own, I’m a DIY type of person.

Anna Trevelyan
Ib Kamara
Katy England
Yves Tumor

Different subcultures such as the “Pantsula” period or the “skhotane” period which taught me a lot and made research more about high end designer clothing, then I gravitated towards hip hop and skatewear which completely changed my style, then I started listening to punk rock music and started researching the type of style they wore, that’s when I became obsessed with Vivienne Westwood and her punk brand with Malcom Mclaren called “Seditionaries”  and the sex pistol’s movement and style, from that time, I started looking more into gothic fashion, raver culture, emos, metalheads and skinheads which I really despise but admire their style.
I haven’t really experimented as much as I would to in terms of set design and prop mastering but in terms of styling, it’s what enhances the scene, at times, I do use props as reference for my styling process, especially ones from movies that have dark themes such as “The Crow : City of Angels”, or horrific movies that consist of vampires, their costumes and scenery have a bigger meaning to me in terms of styling as I would like to pursue Costume and Character Design in the future
I’m not a Prop Master, but they source props and create scenes by using objects such as sculptures, Televisions , Artworks or anything relating to the brief or given concept, they basically give the image more life and gives it a meaning
Magazines such as ID Magazine, Dazed, Vogue, 10 magazine, Interview Magazine and Kera Magazine introduced the editorial aspect of styling and certain Celebrity stylists which interact with some of my favourite designers, I would only pursue celebrity styling just for the free clothes and getting to dress someone for cool events such as the Met Galas where there’s pretty much a Haute Couture vibe going on, but avant-garde is soooo boring right now because it’s the same thing over and over again, but the culture remains iconic.
It’s The Dark Atmosphere, a Gothic persona I personally use on certain occasions in terms of styling. industrial and heavy metal bands play a major role in terms of the attitude and appearance, even though black is a very attractive colour, I don’t always wear it, I love designers such as Charles Jeffrey, Dries van Noten, Bajowoo(99percentis) and Kansai Yamamoto because they use colourful silhouettes and still have a punk type of feeling and then I like darker types of designers like Jun Takahashi and Rick Owens
I’d like to work as a fashion editor for magazines such as 10 Magazine and Vogue Hommes, collaborate with a photographer such as Nick Knight and stylists such as Ursina Gysi, Anna Trevelyan and Akeem Smith and eventually grow into becoming a costume designer for movies and perhaps Head of Design for a fashion house but when I’m mentally ready, I just want to delve deeper into the styling industry before I can actually do that, but if anyone’s interested in my work they should just check out my page on Instagram: @lesegolovesart and me and my partners’ upcoming fashion cult : @anarchyhypnotism

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