Lose yourself in his brand new singles ‘The World’ and ‘Element’

‘Julian Bach – The World’ –

‘Julian Bach – Element’ –

Meet Julian Bach. An exceptional talent about to break through as he releases his brand new singles ‘The World’ and ‘Element’ across all digital platforms today

Listen to ‘The World’ and ‘Element’ Here:

The World –

Element –

Living in Somerset West and influenced from an early age by the likes of The Beatles, Nirvana and NOFX, Julian Bach gives the singer songwriter approach a clean rock edge that everyone needs to hear right now. Julian has been making music since the early 2000’s and the maturity in his song writing and incredible vocal power cuts through in his latest offerings: ‘The World’ and ‘Element’.

It’s been almost 6 and a half years since the release of his debut album ‘Man On The Bicycle’ in December 2013. 2020 can be hailed as a new year and a new start for Julian as a new album is due this year and a rebirth of his sound and songs.

Ready for his sophomore album, ‘The World’ and ‘Element’ are the first 2 singles to drop from the forthcoming release. This album is the result of a three-year home recording adventure and will be his most honest and insightful work to date, all while keeping the music creative, powerful and catchy!

What is ‘The World’ about and what inspired the song?

“During a time when I thought my whole life was crashing down on me, this song was created and written as a reminder not to be overwhelmed by what the world throws at you. I wrote this song to support my belief that everything will be ok, even if it doesn’t feel like it. Sometimes you just have to say these words out loud. We’ve been worried for no reason at all. It is an anthem for people that feel overwhelmed.”

What is ‘Element’ about and what inspired the song.

“The song Element was written in one sitting. I think it took me about an hour to write and the strangest thing is it turned out to be one of my favourite originals ever. It is about making peace with and accepting our flawed humanity. It is about embracing all aspects of ourselves, the good and the bad, and being rock solid regardless of your emotional state. My element has always been water and I have learned how to comfortable in it on the calm days and during the turbulent storms.”

Both songs were recorded and mixed in his home studio. “Nowadays, with the right equipment, this is totally possible. I absolutely love recording songs and being in creative control. So, recording and mixing for me does not feel like work. I love it. It is my art,” comments Julian who’s enjoyed being in control of the recording process.

What can fans expect from the new album? “My second album will be released this year and it is an alternative rock album that ranges from guitar-driven songs to a few ballads, all of which are very personal to me and are mostly about personal relationships, struggles, mental health and love. It took about three years to complete, but this was mainly because I was also travelling and working as a musician at sea and in the Middle East. I only worked on the album when I came home to South Africa. So naturally, every song has a different flavour or theme to it. Lots can happen in a few years, so I took all that and chucked it into my writing process.”

With the entire country and most of the world in lockdown since the 27th of March, Julian has used the time to create. “Lockdown has actually been a really productive time for me. I am focusing on creating video content for some of my older songs and sharing it on YouTube. And I have been preparing to release my new album and working on that. The rest of the time, well, aren’t we all just sleeping a little bit too much. I try my best to stay active and go for a run and be outside. Luckily I live on a farm, so I have space to be outside during this lockdown.”

Julian’s new music captures a quality of song writing entirely unique to him; his writing is insightful, creative and sometimes a bit strange, but somehow still manages to sound familiar.

Julian Bach’s brand-new singles ‘The World’ and ‘Element’ are out now across all digital platforms:

‘Julian Bach – The World’ –

‘Julian Bach – Element’ –

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