‘Dame’ is a fun, cheeky and light-hearted track about romance and was created in a late-night studio session in Berlin 3 years ago, but was put on the back burner shortly after. El Mukuka had just travelled to Spain right before the song concept was born and was inspired to create a piece of music that fused flamenco with deep house and a spice of Afro-house too. The team also incorporated a fun Latin guitar riff that brings out a sexy summer vibe. The song, like most of Mukuka’s music, is a cultural melting pot.
In 2019 during a studio session in Zambia, El Mukuka played the track to Marocco and she fell in love with it. “We did some additional writing and decided to have the song in both English and Spanish. At almost the exact same time I was introduced to the music of the Belgium-based DJ/Producer HVMZA. I started to play a lot of his music in my sets and we connected on social media where we began to discuss music and collaborating. I played him ‘Dame’ and we instantly clicked. As we were developing the production, I started to test the song out on tour during most of my key sunset parties in Zambia, Uganda and South Africa at Ultra Music Festival right before the Covid-19 pandemic hit Africa. The response was great, everywhere!” explains Mukuka on how the collab came about.
With most of the world under lockdown due to the pandemic, an upbeat song like ‘Dame’ is the perfect cure for the lockdown blues.
Mukuka also has a special message to the fans during this pandemic: “I hope this song will be a contrast to the hardships most of us are facing during these unprecedented times. Stay strong and healthy so that we can party again soon! Much love!”
‘El Mukuka & HVMZA ft. Marocco – Dame’ is out now across all digital platforms: https://africori.to/dame

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