A selection of short stories by local writer Isaiah Embry

The sun goes down and the moon comes up

Children and parents walking through the Museum, looking at the town’s most Famous art work, most gather around the “Le visage de la beauté” by Arthur Mathis painted in 1899. What sits in this secure frame is his last major piece of work.

Soon the sun starts to set and the Museum of Glory is locked for the night, the last few reaming people leaving leaving the courtyards,  as the crowds of people clear there just one man left standing in the distance watching the museum being locked, wearing a fancy suit and standing near a sports car, we’re not  able to see this “Mysterious Mans” face as the sun says goodbye and takes the light with it. He gets in his car and speeds off.

No Early Bird Here

we come to Oscar, late 20’s young handsome black man, watching running around his apartment getting ready for work, his on the phone

“Don’t worry I got everything planed, I couldn’t get off tonight but I have the most special night planed for you… okay, bye, Love you”

he hangs up and rushes out the door with one shoe on. Oscar arrives at the Museum of Glory fighting thought the crowds to get into inside

“Hey I work here move”

people all around, Oscar runs through the door to find his Boss with a face that tells us all Oscar is late “again”
“Hey, you know there something that tracks time its called a clock, you should own one”

“Sorry, I didn’t expect the the traffic, It won’t happen again, I give you my word”

“listen, you’ve heard of the robbing that have been happened around the world, this problem is globe, we can’t afford to lost anything in the building”

“Don’t worry sir I’ll watch everything in here like a hawk”

 “That’s if you still have this job, okay lets go to work”

as his boss walks away Oscars friend David approaches him

“mans got a stick up his ass today” Oscar says

“He hasn’t been laid since 93 give to that I say give the man a break”

“And what about the robbing” Oscars asks

“there a staff meeting about it today”

“you know what it”s about? “

“20 museums have been robbed on  worldwide, we probably need to reinforce this place,

“damn, and they haven’t cough this guy yet”

“World Greatest Thief, no one knows how he gets in but he does so like a ninja, last week a another painting went missing worth millions, some of us started a bet, this place might get hit soon”

“hope not, we got a staff meeting lets go”

As they walk away a man walks into view, he stares dead straight at the painting. As we get closer to the painting we see the smallest crack that no man could ever see. this mysterious man walks a little closer but suddenly someone bumps him, its Oscar

“Sorry”  he says to the man

“No, problemo senior, maybe next time watch your step, yes.

as he turns as looks at the painting it seems to send this man into a trance

“Great painting…right? ” says Oscar, wired out by the guy

mysterious man is snapped back into reality after staring at the painting

“why yes, marvelous art it is” He says

Oscar watches him walk. and continues as he was, Later at the staff meeting everyone gathers.

“Alright… uh.. thank you for being here, so recently there been these robbing that art happening world the globe at a consistent rate, and we need to brace for it, okay, things will change for now

“Like what?”

“Like what?” The Boss replies

he puts on his glasses and reads the papers in front of him

“there will be more hours added and emploeys will be force to take more shifts”

everyone one in the rooms stands and is ready to wile out

“excuse me, now calm, weeks ago we just received “Le visage de la beauté most famous painting in the world and its in our Museum, show some God damn respect. Meetings over, you will see your new work times on the wall in the staff room,  everyone resume.

everyone walks out, David catches Oscar

“you hear this man” David says

“Unbelievable” he says”

The employees rush to the staff room to look at the time schudel.

“Damnit” says David

  Oscar read the walls and see he got an unespexted shift

I can’t make tomorrow nights shift, listen David cover tomorrow night, and I’ll cover yours tonight” Oscar says

“You mean it”

“I wouldn’t says it, if I don’t mean it”

“Thanks man”

as the day comes to an end everyone starts to clear the musem, as Oasr locks the museum he sees someone out on the courtyard standing next to a Car. the mysterious Man gets in and drives off

“Weird? ” he says

Behind The Frames

sitting behind a large desk, thousands of different world famous paintings behind him, he assistant walks in the room, He takes out a cigar and lights it and turns to face Jarvis

“Any news Jarvis, I hope you found the right type of people for this”

“of course Sir, this is no ordinary job, I’ve been looking at a few people who are possibly able to carry this task through”

Jarvis hands the files to Charles, he looks unimpressed

“Possibly?!” He says responds, rising his voice to Jarvis

“Someone else has already stolen ten paints I need, If I don’t get this a lot of gun will be pointed at me”

“I will continue to search Sir”

the phone rings, he picks it up

Mr. Heggingway” says the scary Russian voice

“Who is this”Charles says


He sits up after hearing that name

“Your guys just called we spoke they said..”

No, I don’t care what they say, you listen to me now, bring paintings Thursday”

“By Thursday I don’t”
he hangs up. the world starts spinning…. He looks at the fines on the desk again, Jarvis walks into the room,

“alright, sir. A drink prahaps? “

“On the rocks”

Charles pulls out a file and sees there is no name?

“No name, who is this” he says

“This person is discrete Sir, thou he demans a high price

“I’ve could never work with someone who I couldn’t trust, where the records?”

“Sir, there are no records to judge him”

“Call him in, I’ll do that myself, Time waits for for man, and that I don’t have much of”

A few moments later Jarvis brings someone in, wearing a fancy suit. Arlo, a young Dominican man with hair that sways with the summer breeze and brown eyes.

“this isn’t any ordinary job” Charles says

“And I am no ordinary man, what we looking for”

“what I’m looking for is A piece of work many have been trying to get their hands on,”

he stops walking around the room and turns to Charles eyebrow rised high

“And what is this piece called”

“Le visage de la beauté”

the man takes a moment to think, Charles sits in silence

“Fifth teen Million” says Arlo with a smile on his face

Charles stares into his eye and laughs at him, he starts walking around the room again and goes to the wall of paintings

“You see Mr Heggingway I  too am a big fan of Art, there are ways we can help each other. Okay, maybe I say ten Million”

“Five Million”

“the deal was ten, si and for that and it will be in on your safe and secure like all the other paintings

“I need this painting by Thursday that four days away, I don’t have time,

“perfecto for Twenty Million I steal it tonight si”

“hahaha” Charles laughs

“You are funny man” says Arlo

those words turns Charles face into a hatred stare

“You think you can steal this painting tonight, who the fuck do you think you are? “

“Well of course, for twenty Million I know I can”

Arlo gets up and pours himself a drink

“Venga Mr.Heggingway, you’ve put much more than that into this very room itself”

he gestures to the painting on the wall. They both stare at the wall. Charles puts the Blueprint of the building on the desk and slides it over to the opposite side

“Now I can get you…”

He interrupts Charles

“No, necesito senior as I said once, I am no ordinary man, ten hour from now, you will have the pain 1:30, no later then that”

they shakes hands and he walks out the room with a smile.

“Jarvis get my paintings to be loaded tomorrow, we could possibly be out here sooner than expected”

“Yes sir”

This day will come: Like A Thief In The Night

another lonely night in the museum as Oscar walks around watching the painting, Suddenly a soft noise comes down the hall with a raised flash light Oscar goes to see what it could be, but nothing he walks back down the hall pass “Le visage de la beauté” and the painting is gone, Oscar doesn’t realizes this, he keep walking, as he walks someone run past him, dressed in black as he motion is as silent like a Cat. he slips out the roof and he’s gone

the next day Oscar is lying in bed and the phone rings his boss is shouting loud

“what? okay I coming”

upon arrival Oscar sees the painting missing, nothing but a empty frame, he turns cold

“what happened here” his boss shouts and yells at him

“I don’t know it was there I swear”

“this is what I get for thinking I can trust someone like you”

he stares at the frame and little crack in the corner

“Get out”his boss shout in front of everyone

He lowers his head and walks out

Enemies at the crossroads

he gets a phone call, the caller ID unknown

“shit”  Charles yelps

“Mr.Heggingway” he says over the phone


“You say i get painting tomorrow”


“how you make so possible


how you make painting come early?

for a higher price.

when we meet if painting comes soon

he hags up.

he looks at his watch 1:00A.M,

lets hope this happens earlier than expected

He arrives at the airport and is escorted to a private hanger

The Double Ended sword 

A Fancy sports car pulls up and out get “The Thief” he walks to the door and the security stand

“What are doing here” the guard says 

Arlo instantly shoots them down, he looks to the dying security

“I am here to fetch somethings I want”

with one final shot, the man falls into forever unconsciousness. he goes to the truck and sees the driver is in there unarmed.

“I will not hurt you, but I want you to make a phone call for me, si?”

he calls Heggingways assitant

“Tell them, you’ll be there soon”

he pulls out his phone and calls

“The truck is on the way”

BAM! suddenly someone shoots the Driver,

“You didn’t have to kill him” Arlo says

His side kick puts the “Le visage de la beauté” in the truck with the other paingtings

“No you can leave this honraré mi palabra pero para mí, I’ll take these paintings and the money”

“but you’ve been watching the museum for a week, your going to give this up”

” yes, for a bigger win”

He throws the body out the truck and gives a thumps up to his side kick. Arlo heads back to his car. he checks his watch 1:19

“El tiempo está de mi lado”

He drives off

Our Times up

  nervous Charles smoking waiting constently watching his watch

“where’s the truck? ” Charles asks

“On the way Sir, No need to worry”

A car pulls up and out gets Arlo

“I helped you, now you help me yes”

he give Charles the paingting he looks at it, he comfirms it by a smily nob, someone bring two large bags and set them at his feet, he opens them, millions!. he puts them the the trunk of the car

“Yes yes, I love to work along people who, how you say, love, the passion for the art is beautiful”
“How did you get this done so quick”

“like you said Mr.Heggingway a job that is for no ordinary, could never be completed, by a ordinary man”

he stops before getting in the car

“el tiempo está de mi lado. Time does not exiest there for, It only exist when you need it to, and tonight time is on my side. Is it on your side Mr.Heggingway?”

He does up the window and speeds off into the nigh. Charles Checks his watch 1:40am

“Shit we going to be late!”

Jarvis comes running over

“Sir, I need to,,,”

 “Just get everything loaded right now”

He gets in the plane and they take off. Charles sits back and relaxes

“Pour me a doll” He says the woman

Sir” says Jarivs

what is now”

The Truck never arrived

“turn this plane around”

he gets up running

“you turn this plane around”

Charles arrives at his work place to find dead bodies and a burning building behind them, there is a note on one of the bodies: Thank you Mr.Heggingway, it was a pleasure doing business Charles gets a phone call, there is no Caller ID. He answer.

“‘Mr. Heggingway, where is my paintings”

Charles stands and looks towards the burning building

“you told me 5 paintings yes!”

“Yes, I did, I have to bring them on thrusday like you said”

“NO, you said, you bring Wednesday, is tomorrow, not Thursday

“Okay, I–I-..”

Charles has no more assuring words to use, his out of ideas

“Privedi zhenshchinu i mal’chika”

through the phone Charles hears a screaming woman and crying boy.

“Listen I’ll Get the paintings, Ill being them Wednesday”

One shot goes off and silences the woman screams but to only increase the child  screams

“I am Sorry Mr.Heggingway, but we are all out of time”

the final shot renders the room silent bringing the screams to halt

                                     The End

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