Joseph Dludla interviews EEZZE

How has growing up both in Zimbabwe and South Africa influenced you as an artist?

Growing up in Zimbabwe, with a family who had a passion for music, we always listened to International music mostly from South Africa and America. Artists like Mandoza, Brown Dash, and 2pac who always expressed raw emotions on their music, heavily infused with aggression gave me a certain mentality towards approaching the rap game. Fast forward 10 years after when I came here to South Africa, I knew what type of environment I was putting myself in, a fierce jungle where the strongest and the smartest survive, for me, I took it as a challenge and an exciting adventure because Johanessburg was regarded as a place where many people from home come in search of a better life or career. Being in South Africa has made me mentally fit and aware that no one is going to hand you your dreams on a silver platter, You have to wake up and grind as your life depends on it because it does.

What are some of the things from your childhood that still influences your music today?

Loneliness and Pain Mostly. My father left for the U.K around 2005 and I guess he was the main reason I wanted to do music in the first place to make him proud since he loved all sorts and types of music.

An “All Eyes On Me” hardcopy album by 2pac. I’ve had the same copy since childhood till now, I’ve learned all the lyrics and melodies to every song on it. I have applied some of the techniques there to some of my records

Why did you feel like you need to take a break from music after dropping in 2015 and what reignited your fire to “Reminder” in 2019?

So after dropping my debut mixtape back in 2015, I had a lot to take care of, Regional Exams were fast approaching and I had to study to keep my good grades going. I won’t say I took a break actually because I kept appearing on other artist’s projects but did not release any of mine. During that time back at home there was no easy access to a studio, they were scarce and very expensive so I had to put a pause on my dreams. The main reason I guess was so I could polish my craft and I was only getting started

Your latest song ” Volumes” is dropping soon what are some of the things you discuss on the song?

“Volumes” is a street single, I wrote this one while working on my day job at Parkhurst. I was frustrated at myself for not being where I wanted to be in life and I guess with the lyrics you can sort of feel the anger and aggression that inspired the “feel” of the song. The hook starts off with the line “Ever since 99 been a fool”, you can say I was reminiscing on the advice we were given as children and teenagers but we never listened and my current situation as a consequence of my actions. The main message I seem to portray throughout the song is encouraging people to claim what they believe is their possessions smartly and aggressively. It’s for the streets!

Who has inspired you in the local music industry?

Many artists actually, they probably won’t fit on this page but I will only name 3 people who have stood out for me. AKA, Professor and Nasty C.  Simple

What are some of the important values your parents have taught you that help you on a day to day basis?

Number 1 is respect. Respect goes a long way in determining how your life advances. I’ve been taught to respect everyone accordingly. I even learned that one the painful way.

Responsibility, that only you are responsible for your situation, your reactions, and your life. I was taught to never blame anyone for my misfortunes because it is my life and the choices I make causes those misfortunes.

Family, They always emphasized love, that love is family and family is love so I appreciate everyone in my life who contributes to the family.

How did your stage name “EEZZE” come about?

Ma-E, Eazy E those guys had so much influence on my life and I guess the E was mandatory for me. See my real name is Emmanuel ( originally Immanu El ) One day my high school friend called me “easy” and I guess it stuck on everyone’s head and that’s how I got it. I had other names I wanted to go with but I won’t mention them. They Sucked !!

Can you take us back to the first time you recorded your first song and how you felt with the final product?

My sister had an ex-boyfriend who owned a studio and wanted to link me up with him, she is and always been supportive of my career, I went there prepared since I wanted everything to go well and there were so many people in the room. I gave him the beat and he told me to go to the mic, I put the headphones on, my heart was beating so hard you could hear it on the mic and everyone was just laughing. I gathered up the courage and did my first take and went back to sit down, everyone was wowed. After he played it back I knew this was the path I wanted to take.

If you had any advice for this year what would it be?

Stay Motivated, Stay True to Yourself, Avoid Negative People, Focus On Improving your situations. Journalize your goals and ambitions or create a vision board for where you want to be in a year, 5 years, and so on. My biggest advice though would be to develop morning and evening routines, they have helped me to stay encouraged and to be ready for the next day that comes

Where do you see your music being in the next 5 years?

World Class

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