Tabane Matabane

1. The way art and design makes me view the world is in a sense of a narrative, a spatial story to put things into simpler terms. It says alot about the feelings and aspirations of people who live in specific parts of the world. To bring things closer to home, South Africa: its artistic expression and spatial narrative is influenced alot by the large barrier of  unspoken inequality that largely defines it. And my goal is to bridge that gap and create quality spaces for the disadvantaged. 

2. As you grow older you get to experience the harsh realities of the world. You get thrown into a box in which you are not allowed to penetrate because you would be breaking social norms. I have always been a quiet child and all my word got thrown onto paper. I would release a lot of tensioned energy onto a blank page and later throw it away or burn it as a way of receiving sensation from a  blind and deaf world. Later in High school i did visual Arts and that space became my safe haven. I felt comfortable being in the same room as Artists and designers whereas the main rule of that space was that “Art is everything and at the same time art is nothing.”

3. I first got introduced to illustration when I was about 11 years old through this other windows paint app that came with every desktop. Everynight I would induge in a painting or two. Later I got introduced to a Graphic design software where I learnt how to manipulate images and create poster and this was about 2-3 years later. I began to do album/ and song graphic art for Local rappers and posters for events. Mid highschool a photographer introduced me to Adobe. This is where i sharpened my skill level and starting going from Photography to film making in Adobe Premier/After effects . 

4. My design and Art process is mostly influenced by the stories that happen around me on a daily basis. The beauty of how  the whole of humanity is connected through small or large

occurances in life. I tend to express past and future being on in the same thing, where as once upon a time is equivelent to happliy ever after. Its not about the end result of the art or design that has been completed however its all about the journey that matters in order to reach that stage of completion of a piece.

5. The main goal was to go further and study Fine Arts however, architecture brought me closer into expression on a reality basis or on a three dimensional space. I wanted to create art that’s not only useful/functional to human beings but also expresses a specific idea in how one can change reality through the way we view our surroundings. Therefore Architecture allows one to express oneself in that manner where as I get to make art on a Three dimensional plan. Its like a Sculpture but people can live, work and play in it.

6. I am mostly invested in digital art. where I create portraits that tell stories of people and their experience of life. I tend to design spaces that are influenced by these paintings. so i design a space based on the Art piece that i produced to enhance the viewing experience for that particular art piece. 

7. I sketch a lot, most of the time. doodle drawings carry so much information then a sketch that has been done after  5 hours. Were as doodles you put your mind to paper in real time. so i journal spatial architectural concepts. Whenever I hit the road, I always have my camera with me to capture the day’s events and stories of people. All in all I can say goodnight without indulging in the arts.

8. I am drawn into the African utopic experencince. I love buildings  that speak to the African story from the native hut to the futuristic Wakanda experience. I follow a lot of architects like Francis Kere, Mashabane Rose, and Peter rich whereby they decolonize our spatial experience from dutch/ english monumental architecture to carrying through the evolution of the afrocentric man through space and form. 

9. I see myself as more of a creative director, whereby I would consult in various practices that work with the production of Space and art. Thus including Architecture, Film, Art and advertising. Although I will still be practicing my craft, designing buildings and producing my own artworks.

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