Howard Edward teams up with Jimmy Nevis on the brand new single ‘Take a While’

‘Howard Edward X Jimmy Nevis – Take a While’ is out now across all digital platforms
Pictured: Howard Edward

  Howard Edward teams up with Jimmy Nevis on his brand-new single ‘Take a While’ – out across all digital platforms today.
Watch the lyric video for ‘Take a While’ here:
Howard Edward, a local producer and songwriter extraordinaire collaborates with Jimmy Nevis on the incredible new single ‘Take a While’. Written in mid-2019 and recorded at Cosher Recording Studios in Cape Town where Howard is an engineer, ‘Take a While’ celebrates the producer skills of Howard combined with the vocal honey from Jimmy.
Howard and Jimmy have worked together in the past, including on Jimmy’s most recent solo single ‘Hey Jimmy’ which spent 6 weeks at #1 on the KFM TOP 40, setting a new record for a local track on the chart.
Howard explains how working together on ‘Take a While” came about, saying “We were actually in the studio together writing with another artist for his project. Jimmy and I work together pretty often, so when we had a break in the session, I was like ‘yo I have this beat I want you to hear!ʼ. I played it for Jimmy and he just started free-styling this melody… I thought it fit so well, I took my phone out to record him. A week or so went by, I was listening to the recording and got an idea for the song. After telling Jimmy the idea, he was keen, and we worked on the song together from there.”
Listening to the lyrics of ‘Take a While’, the song is about your guardian angel talking to you and giving you advice. Telling you that there will be tough times but you will be good at the end of it all, so keep pushing forward. Howard explains further saying: “It was inspired by a melody line in Jimmyʼs freestyle. When I was listening to the freestyle recording, I kept on hearing the words ‘some things just might take a whileʼ, and the concept developed from there.”
Jimmy Nevis really loves the single as well and says “We’ve worked really well together in the past on my last album and even on ‘Hey Jimmy’ and it was just an easy and simple experience working with Howard again. ‘Take a While’ is such a great track.”
‘Howard Edward X Jimmy Nevis – Take a While’ is out now across all digital platforms.
  [Pictured: ‘Take a While’ Cover Art]  
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Over the course of the last 10 years, South African singer-songwriter, Jacques Moolman, has become synonymous with the great vocal legends of his generation. Renowned for his role as the frontman of SAMA-winning rock band Shadowclub, Moolman is now poised to begin a new chapter in his music career with his debut solo album The Great Marico Redemption.
The Gauteng-based musician grew up in Johannesburg and studied art and drama before relocating to London in 1998. It was after his return to SA in the early 2000s that he decided to step into the arena of music-making. Improvising tunes on his grandmother’s piano since the age of five, whilst embracing the emotional effect that melodies had on him as a child, Moolman felt the music in his head from a very young age.
Today, Moolman chooses the guitar as his main means of musical expression, but can also play bass, piano and drums, having been influenced from a young age by his father’s love for jazz, blues and a vast range of musical styles. 
Influenced by singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Iggy Pop, Jack White, Radiohead, Nirvana, Aretha Franklin and The Beatles to name a few, Moolman relates to the rawness of the blues as well as bands from the ‘60s like The Doors and The Jimi Hendrix Experience. 
Finding music valuable on a cathartic level whilst seeing the world around us a little different than the rest, Moolman uses melodies and lyrics to process the emotions and thoughts he experiences on a daily basis. 
Now, Moolman is ready to go back to his musical roots as a one man act – using the rawness of his voice over guitar to anchor The Great Marico Redemption. This album is a salute to the years spent in the North West and a small record of experiences between then and now, blending Americana, country, blues, folk and rock ‘n’ roll.

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