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Vaughn Prangley finds a sense of hope with the release of his debut single and music video for ‘Oasis’

Watch the music video for ‘Oasis’ here:
[Pictured: Vaughn Prangley]
Photo Credit – Graeme Wyllie

Vaughn Prangley releases his debut single ‘Oasis’ which is out today across all digital platforms. Stream or download it now from

On his way to quickly becoming one of indie-pop’s most promising young talents, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist, Vaughn Prangley is carving out a unique path with his unmistakably deep, soulful and emotionally weathered voice, that speaks to a maturity way beyond his years.
Humble, loving and ridiculously talented are words often used to describe the 16-year-old. Vaughn has achieved more than most his age, and there ain’t no stopping him now.
He describes his songwriting process as something that comes naturally, “I tend to write from my sub conscious, from experiences of my own and observing what is going on around me. Songwriting is a way of expressing myself. I am also heavily inspired by what is happening around me, everyday situations are just another little melodic story waiting to happen.”
Prangley explains what the single is about and being in a recording studio for the very first time, “2019 was not my greatest year. There were moments where I felt down, I was not myself… I was in need of an Oasis, a sense of hope. I felt like I was stuck in a desert. The meaning behind the song, is finding your sense of hope and motivation in difficult times. It’s looking to the positives when surrounded by negatives. The process of bringing my music to life was just incredible – from a boy and his guitar on his bed to fully produced songs. I have learnt so much and was very lucky to find such an amazing producer (Howie Combrink from The Hit Lab) who has a very similar thought process when it comes to music. The whole production process has been something I will never forget.”
Vaughn’s energetic presence can be felt as soon as he walks in a room and his heartfelt, honest lyrics never fail to take his audience on a rollercoaster of emotions.
Howie Combrink, producer and owner of The Hit Lab explains what the production process was like, “Working with Vaughn was a truly amazing experience. For a 16-year-old to be so articulate and developed as an artist is very refreshing. Oasis was an intense acoustic song when I first heard it in my studio and after we had completed the production, I felt something entirely different and big. It’s a big song with an epic music video and I hope the listeners enjoy the journey.”
The music video was shot in one day during July at a location in Hartbeespoort Dam and directed by Rici Martins.
Working with Vaughn on the ‘Oasis’ Music Video was an absolute pleasure. I could already see the idea for the video when we were recording the vocals for the song and he was a champion at embodying the energy we needed to tell the story through the visuals. The idea was to have him in a desert environment experiencing a variety of emotions”, Rici explains.
“Vaughn Prangley – Oasis” is out now across all digital platforms –
[OASIS Cover artwork]  
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