The purity of Music

21559027_1341678339287991_753375685737735557_nThe purity of music as an art form.

Music in its truest form is made from the combination of passion with in creation and expression of self where as when preformed or heard that passion transcends to the listener/audience who is then able to show passion from within expression and appreciation in the release of emotions otherwise bottled and repressed. The second factor being the harmony and synchronization of instrumental beats and sounds in accordance with the lyrical symphony which in turn is what allows the listener to reach a sense of euphoria creating an escape from everyday life. The third most important factor being the ability to take your audience on a journey of self-discovery, self-reflection and inner peace. Music is one of the only art forms that allow both the creator and the appreciator to relate on one of the most intimate levels.

As said by the man himself Bob Marley “one good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” This quote is specifically powerful to me as it’s the best way to describe how powerful music really is and within the same line how gentle and soothing it can be. We all have that feeling inside when listening to a certain song or artist that feeling of complete understanding, acceptance and serenity. We listen knowing that there’s no judgment or ridicule we listen knowing nothing can touch us in this moment and if only for this moment we are at one with ourselves.

Other intriguing quotes “where word fail, Music speaks.”  By Hans Christian Anderson. Reminds me of the famous saying “a picture Says a million word.” Well in truth music transcends word, images and sounds into a collaboration without limits or boundaries. A musician has true artistic license with in his creation/expression. As long as the artist puts his art in line with himself and is able to express truthfully their story, there will always be a demographic market for true art and true expression.

Grietfest 2017


Grietfest was a unique inner city experience filled with headline acts, must see up and coming dj’s and performers. The venue its self was a must see, set in the heart of central Jozi “the container yard” held the secret to this events success as there were large open spaces between the dance floors with audible vortex created off the echo on the containers with certain points intertwined with quite creative harmony.

Phfat killed the stage with his performance which was to us THE PERFORMANCE OF THE EVENT. His energy was exhilarating and the effectiveness in which he included the crowd made everyone on the floor feel like they were taking part in a live collaboration, as like his past performances he personalized his stage time to the very unique and diverse Grietfest crowd.

Ivy Lab was another explosive performance, Popartlive was there in full force with the best beats at hand, As well as all the way from the UK Billy Kenny whose set was electric from the symphonic beats to the pulse of the crowd vibrating to every sound except for a slight power cut which was handled like a pro!!

From the lighting and stage set up, including “the secret stage” was all expertly designed to fulfill each and every party seekers needs from inside container chill areas, with couches and lights, next door to beer pong tables in a lumo settings and let’s not forget the Olmeca Golden surprise booth with a selection of gifts for lucky winners.

All and all the event was a massive success with only one unfortunate part being of a brutal attack on victim “Brandon Swanepol” in which the reaction from the organizers was phenomenal, to the extent of helping with a fundraiser for his legal and medical Fee’s

We thank Grietfest and the organizers for allowing the Jozi-Deep team to be a part of the festival and the event as a whole was truly incredible and a definite must see in Jozi!!


“These are the variables to life’s formula”

As a young generation born with as much FREEDOM and RESPONSIBLTY as our generation has. We need to evaluate our motives for our aspirations to success and fame!! Are our intentions of getting the big house and fasest cars to make your fellow man envious or jealous of what you’ve accomplished or are you the type of rare special breed of humanity that tries there hardest to succeed in everything they do but help others around them by setting an example of passion, drive, dedication and work ethic? Showing these qualities are the key variables to life’s formula. A simple standard of always giving your everything in all the aspects of our lives will inspire not only future generations to do the same just as our past generation stood together and inspired their people to stand for what’s right! To stand for the FREEDOMS we enjoy today!!  We need to as a collective youth take control of our nation. Take control of our futures and the futures of our children! We need to be heard and we need a platform of educational tutorials to educate our people about their basic rights to equality. Instead of helping educate and empower each other most of our political and business leaders choose to flash around the cash from their positions never putting in the actual work and dedication required as a part of their position’s responsibilities.

I’m not taking about merely donating funds to charities which is all good and well but as the old saying goes “Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll eat every night”. So, let’s remember we are one people, one nation. Sharing the same air so let’s inspire, empower and motivate each other so we can all benefit from the beauties this world must offer, let’s share the spoils of our land that we’ve been blessed with, Share the riches from the tree of knowledge we’ve inherited from our elders, let us rejoice in the fountains of inspirational inventions we shower in.

We as a people have a lot to be thankful for a lot and to look forward too, so look to your neighbors and take hands so we can move forward into our brighter future together as one people, one Earth, one love.



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