Chatting with Drake from the MHC

Jozi-Deep had the chance to chat with Justin from the MHC, we discussed some of his projects, the man behind the tag and what's to come:

"I write Drake for the “Most Hated Crew” I am a freelance graffiti muralist and illustrator from Johannesburg. I have studied at the National school of Arts and have a degree in graphic design. I enjoy painting graffiti the most but I do artwork and commission murals all over South Africa .I have recently travelled to Bulgaria and Saudi Arabia for graffiti commissions."

From Skate Parks to tagging around the world, How would you describe your journey through the Johannesburg art culture?

Q1 - "My journey of painting graffiti in Johannesburg has given me a platform to paint a variety of different walls, bridges, and buildings. Johannesburg's graffiti scene is so unrestrictive and has an endless amount of potential spots that are quite easy to paint in the day. That being said there has been so much interest and appreciation for graffiti in our city, which in turn has created a following of sorts. This freedom of art culture in our city evokes our creativity and encourages constant growth.

Comparing local views on your work to international, how would you rate the difference in response or reaction if any ?

Q2 - "In my opinion, comparisons between international and local graffiti are both at a very high standard, places such as Saudi Arabia has little to no legal walls available, this has diminished the amount of graffiti artists in the country, however the appreciation for the work remains positive."

Few moments to share from you and the MHC over the last year ? Most memorable collaboration since Covid begun?

Q3 - "Some of the most memorable moments would have to be painting at home during hard lockdown, refining my craft and allowing me to explore new techniques. Even with intense lockdown restrictions, I have been lucky enough to do a few commissions in Cape Town as well as get up around the Mother City. The most memorable wall with MHC since Covid has to be the one we did on Jan Smuts for Riots birthday, just being united again and doing what we love helped relieve the stress this past year has brought."

Your favourite personal tag this year and why ?

Q4 - " My favourite personal tag this year would be at the Newtown Junction Mall, where I jammed with some of the local talent. It was good vibes and exciting to be painting with everyone after lockdown."

Are you still the team mediator and what’s the dynamics on new members?

Q5 - I do still mediate where necessary, We have downsized the crew quite a bit in order to focus on quality over quantity and thus are not really looking for any new members at the moment."

" Some upcoming projects would be, featuring in the "Alphabet Group" exhibition as well as dropping a "NFT" collectable which you can check out @nfteebles when it drops."


To get in contact or see more from Drake follow the below:

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