R399.00 R299.00


  • 2x faster charging
    10W wireless charging works up to two times faster than standard 5W wireless charging. This potentially speeds up charging a phone from 0 to 100% by one hour.
  • Stylishly svelte
    At just 7.5mm thin, the CW0100 won’t clutter up your desk or bedside table. Its premium zinc-alloy metal base makes it robust and elegant, while also offering better heat dissipation capabilities.
  • LED indicator
    A built-in LED indicator clearly shows you the charging status at a quick glance.
  • Qi certified means safe and reliable
    The Qi-certified CW0100 has been thoroughly tested to ensure safety, interoperability, and energy efficiency. Don’t settle for anything less!
  • Complete protection for peace of mind
    You’re in safe hands! The CW0100 is built with safety mechanisms that counter overheating, short-circuiting, input overvoltage, and output overcurrent.
  • Foreign object detection for added safety
    The CW0100 can detect foreign metallic objects, like coins. This capability ensures that the pad will cease charging when an unwanted object is detected to prevent accidental overheating.
  • Charge up your qi-enabled devices

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